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New Adventures, New Songs :)

Hi fellow travellers, 

It’s been a little while since I’ve tapped the keys here to let you know what’s going on for me in the songwriting world, well, it’s all moving again!

In Feb I stepped back into the beautiful Parkland Studios safely in the hands of Michael Fix as he steered me through the first stages of a new recording project, very exciting! This collection of songs have mostly emerged from nurturing stays in Iluka, Nthn NSW, so many thanks to Bruce & Wendy Berry for their quiet & creative space to work in heaven :)

Lovely Iluka :)

Lovely Iluka :)

This new recording project is unfolding a little differently than previous collections, as I continue to write for the CD, the main idea was to get started! So here we are, half recorded & the other half evolving & rattling around my noggin as we speak ;) A dynamic process! I’m really looking forward to sharing these new songs with you in the very near future!

One of the new songs accompanied me on a wonderful adventure to China with The Australian Academy of Tai Chi in late 2018. I had the honour of performing ‘Moving Slow’ in a duo with Senior Master Rod Ferguson from the A.A.T.C. in the awe inspiring ‘Dragon Palace’ - an amazing network of limestone caves and underground waterway near Guiyang, Guizhou, in Southern China….a career highlight :) Check it out in the video below! Thankyou Christine Smerdon A.A.T.C. for the footage :)

Thanks for dropping by, I hope life slows down for your a little ;)



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Caroline Hammond - 'Moving Slow' accompanied by Senior Master Rod Ferguson from the Australian Academy of Tai Chi in 'The Dragon Palace', Guiyang, Guizhou, China - Sept 2018