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A New CD Takes Shape

Hello fellow travellers, 

It's been a busy year & it's amazing to see that half of 2017 has flown by already! July has had it all with nourishing time spent with family, inspiring & challenging times with good friends & most recently a very productive weeklong solo writing retreat down in Northern NSW! The beautiful little town of Iluka provided the perfect focussed space to encourage new songs & stories to surface. From this patch of heaven I am stoked to be able to tell you that the bones of a new CD have taken shape, 12 songs in all, tho as they settle that number may change ;) A huge thanks to Bruce & Wendy Berry for offering their space that was so perfect & peaceful for this creative time!

There are quite a few gigs coming up in the next few months, the Neurum Creek Music Festival, just north of Brizzy, SPRUKE - Brisbane's own ukulele festival, a band gig at the wonderful acoustic music venue The BUG mid September just to name a few. Check out the GIGS page here for the dates.

Rehearsals & planning for a tour of duo shows with the wonderful Lissy Stanton around the Northern Rivers region are taking shape again! The huge floods that hit that area back in April put the planning on hold as the Stantons along with their community of Tumbulgum rallied the troops, pulled on their gumboots & just plain got down to it...that massive job of putting things to right, you're an inspiration you lot! Look out for dates in that area very soon ;)

Now, songs can come out of anywhere...a conversation with a friend on a long car trip, a headline from a TV news item, they can even drop out of the big blue sky! Many years ago...back in 2003 to be precise, my lovely 'Cousin Cathie from Canada' sent me a card with a poem on it by the fabulous US poet Brian Andreas, it's called 'The Real Reason' - 

"There are things we do because they feel right & they may make no sense & they may make no money & it may be the real reason we are here : to love each other & to eat each other's cooking & say it was good" - by Brian Andreas

That lil piece of gold stayed with me & became the main inspiration for the song 'Things We Do' that appears on my last CD "One More Trip Around The Sun". It was a joy to get in touch with Brian Andreas in the process (as he shares writing credit &...well...just because :D) & send him a copy of the recording. Check out Brian's work, some truely inspirational art & writing at :)

Thanks for dropping by & I hope to see you in the big wide world soon.


Caroline x




Welcome to My New Home

Hi all,  

Welcome to my new website! A new home for a new year and exciting times ahead! With my most recent CD "One More Trip Around The Sun" now launched, it's time to take it out on the road so it can make its way in the world and into your hands (if it hasn't already)

There are some exciting plans taking shape at the moment with good friend and fellow singer/songwriter Lissy Black (Stanton) for a series of 'Small Hall' concerts around the beautiful NSW Northern Rivers region as well as many more Brisbane gigs and house concerts to come, so stay tuned and I hope to see you very soon!

Thank you so much for supporting original music :)